a strange task for a choreographer: take a photo a day and post it each day to an online audience.

it became an odd daily ritual. some days I took only one or two shots. some days I took lots.
I took them with the intention of finding a shot that might represent my day, a day I was spending in a strange city. they were never supposed to be seen all together.

but, I thought I might do that anyway!

so here are all the out-takes, the raw photos and the mistakes, as well as each daily shot from paris that you received. I've only included paris, becuase, while I adore the other cities I visited, it's paris that has marked me. and paris that I have loved for all these months.

many of my friends and fellow artists are in these shots and I want to thank you all for being so great to work and live with. and for the super fun parties.

perhaps we do it all again next year?