When Dyson's art moves us, it moves us to ethically new positions. We are moved by the naked intensity of the live performers, and even sympathise with the one who is not present. We care for them all, and want to take responsibility for them. This is the possibility for an ethics defined by the philosopher Levinas.
Douglas Leonard - RealTime

swings, spinning + experiences of the joyous past

this dance work encourages the audience to 'experience' the performance and become involved with the work rather than just 'watching' it. swings were situated on stage for the audience and they were invited on stage to play and experience the sensation of swinging throughout the work.

the audience was left with the swings for the first five minutes of the show - but in fact the work had already started - watching each other, playing on your swing and remembering how it used to feel.

the space then opened up and the audience moved throughout the stage to get a better view of the dancers. the audience became part of the work - obscuring vision, making noise as they walked to another location, talking about what they were seeing.

this work involved dance, swings, intense emotional work, visual imagery and the audience.

below are excerpts of the draft work that was created on final year students at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2006 at Edith Cowen University.


katie solo


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performance team

katie chown
rebecca mcCormac
shannon riggs
gillian sarangapany
rish wood

clare dyson
lighting design & production management
mark dyson
bruce mckinven

john green

premiered in 2006
in draft form at WAAPA as a university commission

and toured to
tour to the US planned in 2010

Developed and presented at WAAPA - west australian academy of performing arts at edith cowan university. It was created with final year students in the link dance company

this work will be 60 minutes with no interval
audience are onstage with performers and can watch the performance from whateverangle they choose

this work travels with 8 company members and is currently looking for venues to co-produce in 2009/2010

please contact the company for more details

supported by Edith Cowen University, Diverseworks Performance Venue in Houston and the National Dance Program in the United States