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"The two performers, Emily Amisano and Trish Wood, are personable, casually dressed, just two young women who dance beautifully, and beautifully together. They double relations in the text, traverse the same emotional territory, but as themselves, they unnerve us. We are proximate to them, breathing with them. They are falling women. They really cry, blow their noses, bruise themselves and slap the floor in an anguish which refracts rather than reflects the text. They are so committed that we are plunged to the depth of our own resources of memory and desire in order to meet them, and ultimately to realise that our own moral situation is fatally compromised or at the least exigent. As we leave, we can only match the “uncertain dignity” of Dyson’s protagonist.
For a little while we cannot look each other in the eye..."

being there
  20 minute excepts from brisbane show december 2007


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Being There - Brisbane from Clare Dyson on Vimeo.




performers & creators
jess watson-galbraith
trish wood
emily amisano

clare dyson
lighting design & production management
mark dyson
bruce mckinven
original text
siall waterbright