"Having seen nearly all of Dyson’s work I have come to expect a kind of visual excellence from her,
and while this work marks somewhat of a departure from her previous works, it didn’t disappoint.
She maintains her resolute attention to detail, a focus on not just dancing for dancing’s sake,
and an obvious commitment to creating a piece of performance with real meaning."

Julia Postle - Art Look

about us    

choreographer clare dyson began working together with brother and lighting designer mark dyson in the late 1990s.They created Dyson Industries together in 2002, and since that time they have been developing innovative performance work that crosses art-form boundaries, art theory and the experience of audience.

clare and mark create work in a variety of forms: dance, visual theatre, installation, dance theatre, site-specific works and film.

they work independently, together and collaboratively with other artists. their work spans commissions for government, universities, independently produced and for festivals.

their new collaborative performance language has been recognised as original, unique and stunningly beautiful. at the 2006 australian dance award 'churchill's black dog' won outstanding achievement in independent dance and was nominated for outstanding achievement in choreography. In 2010 The Voyeur was also nominated for outstanding achievement in independent dance.


current works
- new sound installation performance about aloneness and loneliness
one on one experiences with and for the audience

selected works

  • 1992/1993 One – solo series
  • 1993 - Opening Surrealism: revolution by night with VoiceART, Qld Art Gallery
  • 1993 Ego's Grave - Opening for 1st Asia Pacific Art Triennial with Roberto Villanova, Qld Art Gallery
  • 1993 Women are dying to look like this, Brisbane Fringe Festival, Princess Theatre
  • 1994 Traces: installation + performance, Brisbane Woolsheds, Brisbane
  • 1995 Co-founded & curated: crab room performance space, interdisciplinary performance venue, Brisbane
  • 1995 Water to a Morning Mouth, Crab Room, Brisbane
  • 1995 Mourning Hours I, II & III, Crab Room, Brisbane
  • 1997 Languages of collaboration, New Media Arts Fund project with visual artist and composer, Secumb Space, Brisbane
  • 1998 Mourning hours: 16mm film, shot at Wharf 1, Sydney
  • 1998 Spices: installation + performance, National Choreographic Centre Fellowship, Old Canberra Brickworks
  • 2000 Moodjee – Opening for Council for Reconciliation, Parliament House, Canberra
  • 2001 Intimate Drowning I, National Choreographic Centre, Canberra
  • 2002/2003 Constructed Realities, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane & Canberra Theatre Centre, Canberra
  • 2003 Intimate Drowning II, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane, ANU Arts Centre, Canberra
  • 2004 Constructed Realities: METIS Art-Science festival, gallery installation, Canberra Contemporary Arts Space
  • 2005/2006 Churchill’s Black Dog, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane, ANU Arts Centre, Canberra & La Boite Theatre, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane
  • 2006 Medeleven, Link Dance Company, WAAPA
  • 2007 Absence(s) – Disused building in Brisbane, site installation performance work, partnership with Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
  • 2007 Being There – created at Tanzfabrik in Berlin as part of Tanz Im August dance festival & premiered in Brisbane at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
  • 2009/2010 the voyeur - developed during Cite Des Arts Residency in Paris (including showing), premiered in Brisbane at Gardens Theatre, toured to the US in 2010 in partnership with US venue Diverseworks
  • 2012 BAGGAGE in collaboration with motion designer Timothy Lovett, Seven with Another, SubStation, Brisbane
  • 2010-2014 UNSETTLED I-III series, Solo one on one performance works for Brisbane Powerhouse, SubStation, Sean Young Studios, Brisbane Festival
  • 2016/2017 ALONE TOGETHER - dance, installation, sound about alone

performers + collaborators
contract based
email us for details

artists working on past and present projects include:


clare dyson

lighting & production design
mark dyson

for information about Mark's
other creative work please visit

+61 402 112 994
mark +61 410 486 002

clare [at] dysonindustries.com.au

mark [at] dysonindustries.com.au