Monday, 23 June 2008

day 86

front door today I went to parc de bercy - a large park in the 12e. which is almost set up for strange pictures: rollerbladers skating on graffitied space-age ramps, a waterfall that looked like a contour map of a canyon (complete with dark-brown suds), an enormous sports stadium covered with grass at 45 degree angles, abandoned ping-pong tables with anti-US stickers on them, an entire vineyard in the centre and formal ponds thick with sludge being eaten by carp the size of my arm. strange and exciting was parc de bercy.

but when I came home flushed with the bizarreness (particularly of the grass-covered stadium) I realised that it couldn't be that easy: the 100 shots I'd taken today were inexplicably erased from the camera.

some days here are hard: the internet has mysterious ways, the bathrooms smell like a men's urinal, there has been a recent infestation of lice from the playgroup and the french like bureaucracy even more than the italians.
some days here are easy: the food, the culture, the art that is being generated at cité, the gentle connections and shifts in practice that are being made.

one thing is for sure - nothing much is my decision. which, for a choreographer, although welcome, certainly takes some getting used to...

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