Tuesday, 22 April 2008

day 24

of all nights not to take my camera! this is, I'm afraid, all you get of the Jan Fabre show I just saw (except the following monologue in the comments section).

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Blogger clare in paris said...

I just went to the sold out Jan Fabre 'performance' at the Louvre. he took over the Galerie Daru et cour Napoleon (super nice). we were let in 100 at a time at half an hour increments. it started at 7.30pm and goes until midnight. when I arrived there were three enormous video screens in the square each depicting a different angle of the performance going on inside: a bit of screaming, a lot of running about and Jan in a wig and a false beard.

now, it's not as if this guy hasn't been around or doesn't know what he's doing. just take a quick look at his website to see what I mean.
so what makes a performance interesting? clearly it's not all in his skill, which is obviously considerable. clearly it's not only reputation or Warhol would have been more popular in the 80s. so what makes us love or hate a performance?

I couldn't see much and even though he spoke in english I couldn't follow what it was about. in the end I watched the video screens through the window to see what was going on. this guy is big and came highly recommended but my engagement level for the whole work was really minimal.

that was, until he threw a fistful of €10 notes in the air and the rush to get to them became a suave panic. he threw them at my feet so collecting a couple was easy and watching the horror and joy pass by the audience faces was even easier.
but my dilemma begins here: he then took one from me and signed it.

so, what to do?
keep it as an art object in, and of, itself - the trace of a work that has wider ramifications than my limited reading?
spend the damn thing, it's my birthday on thursday and frankly we're broke? or
keep it and hope that in five years it will be worth a mint?

I'd love to know what you think as potential audience members: performance, art, dance or an exercise in manipulation?

22 April 2008 22:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Clare, I'd keep the signed bill - it's precious artistic memoribilia, but I'm a horder!

Am enjoying experiencing Paris through your eyes. Keep well and happy.


23 April 2008 02:06  
Blogger Jane K said...

This is what I'd do...
Use this photo to invite Jan Fabre to sharing a bottle of wine (spent using this 10 euros) with you on your birthday or at another date? Use edited parts of your commentary and feedback to induce him to join you - you couldn't set up a little tent room in your office at the cite des arts (I know how well you can set an intriguing scene) plus what true artist doesn't enjoy a nice drink with an Australian colleague? I'd do it for sure but I'm stuck in Glen Innes with no interactive, giant screen art available although we do have the celtic festival after ANZAC weekend. Hmmm
Like Suzan, I'm living vicariously through your blog too. Keep 'em coming. Perhaps they could help create a new work?
Jane K

23 April 2008 02:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Clare, here is what I think you should do. In the spirit of extending the artwork beyond its now static, loaded incarnation (the note). Bake yourself a birthday cake, or have G or Fred bake it. One of the ingredients must be the note, torn up into little pieces. Eat the cake. I could go on about the next step, but you get the idea.....

Subvert the perceived value of the note, actual value or embued artist value. Internalise the value. Make it a memory.

Happy Birthday Belle.


23 April 2008 02:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again Clare. I forgot to mention. Once you have baked the cake, invite Jan to share it with you.


23 April 2008 02:21  
Anonymous Georgie said...

Hi Clare, Perhaps you could start a 'golden circle'style of letter correspondence that works as a cash building pyramid scheme. The funds could go towards emergency surgery costs for artists with their heads stuck too far up their own ass!

lots of love

23 April 2008 02:49  
Blogger Sandra said...

Hi Clare
Love your photos, keep them coming.
Keep the note. Love to Fred and Andrew. Have a happy birthday love Sandra

23 April 2008 07:16  
Blogger emily said...

ebay ebay ebay ebay dude

or turn it into one of those weird wallet talismans that one carries everywhere, or you could just keep it in your bra or knickers, sorry PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 April 2008 07:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't spend it, don't bake and don't lose it - clearly it's value is not €10 - whether emotional or actual, so hold on to it. Once gone, it's value to you is nothing.

If you don't know what to do, do nothing. Words to live by.

23 April 2008 12:03  
Anonymous Daniel (Clare's "token value adding friend") said...

Oh please, you people are waaay too artistic for your own good - no wonder "The Arts" is broke... IT'S NOT SHAMEFUL TO MAKE MONEY, PEOPLE!!!

Don't spend it, sell it! I'll give you EUR12 for it - that's a 20% premium over face value, or an annualised return of over 3,000%!

Send me your bank account details so I can wire the funds, and you could be dining out in style by close of business tomorrow!

23 April 2008 12:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It please me that you like so much the art. But, in truth, this is not so good example of my work. Please, I invite you to share a drink or two (I will bring wig and beard if it excite you) and then perhaps I make better work for you in some place more private, no?

kiss kiss,

Jan F

23 April 2008 12:37  
Blogger clare in paris said...

your place or mine??

23 April 2008 12:54  
Blogger eyefordetail said...

Clearly, the key phrase here “is he threw them at my feet… he then took one from me and signed it”. Lady, if this isn’t the most blatant come-on I’ve heard of in a long time, then the Cite des Arts is far more exciting than you’re letting on! That euro isn’t art baby; it’s about 990,000 short of a Robert Redford Indecent Proposal, flattering nonetheless. Enshrine it as a reminder of your fabulous charisma.

I checked the website. The thinking girl’s Mickey Rourke?

24 April 2008 15:19  

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