Wednesday, 18 June 2008

day 81

pierre's crochet pierre (from south africa) used to be a painter and now creates works with tonal depth from a single medium. he's been working on this for 5 months and is creating shades and colours with different crochet stitches. when it's finished it will be hung in the middle of the space so you can walk around and see through it. he also embroiders photographs...

pierre's crochet


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How fantastic it looks. I was interested to read that it would be viewed from 360 degrees. When I saw it it reminded me of a sculpture on Brighton's seafront - Bruce William's 'The Kiss Wall' - which is a metal wall with tiny holes punched in it to create the images of six couples kissing. Paul x PS Thanks for a lovely weekend

20 June 2008 19:28  

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