Sunday, 8 June 2008

day 71

neur tanz we came home from the country to see a german dance work, "das chrom und du" by düsseldorf collective neuer tanz: they unpacked hundreds of books, sang, moved, played the trumpet, walked, changed the records, took their tops off, put them back on and then packed the books back up again.
I liked it, then hated it, then liked it again... and it made me reflect on how harsh we are on our own dance - which is very often clever and well made. why are we more likely to love something average from europe than something really distinctive from home?

neur tanz




Blogger Jane K said...

strange but when I saw the words 'german dance' i immediately thought you'd rushed back for some leiderhosen-thigh-slapping routines and steins of weissbier. I was shocked to see the real work. yes - we are VERY hard on our own australian artists - artists, like children, are often the harshest critics of all. sometimes this produces wonderful results. sometimes it just brings us all down. i don't know what to suggest though. more kindness and support to others whether they are struggling or not and, more importantnly, be more kind to ourselves. sorry to be a goody goody but what is wrong with that?

10 June 2008 00:50  
Blogger emily said...

i think we often recognize elements that are slightly familiar or 'known' in work from our own land, and then automatically discount, discredit and dislike them!
therefore, I think it is difficult to see a work as a 'whole' and consequently this greatly lessens our enjoyment and appreciation of the work.
Artists can tire easily of things that are familiar, there is no patience, no generosity and little value placed on such performance.

horrible little man that he is i have to quote ben lee
' we're all in this together' (excuse me while I vomit a little in my mouth)

10 June 2008 09:27  

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