Thursday, 29 May 2008

day 61

palais de tokyo
a most stunning night. an opening at the palais de tokyo, a crashed VIP cocktail party and dancing all night to the music of underground by goran bregovic. perfect nights happen so rarely and always when they are least expected or most needed...

and yes, the blur behind me is the eiffel tower. could you die?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh I so jealous of you. Living it up in Paris, crashing ubber funky soires and finally finding the skinny lense for the camera!
I hope you made it out of you XL trackies on this night...that's right people this shot is false advertising. The woman is huge and tres wrinkley and somehow with the help of some french technology comes out looking younger and thinner than a anorexic underage hot! Jx

30 May 2008 02:20  

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