Wednesday, 21 May 2008

day 53

richard serra
today at the grand palais, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, we saw monumenta 2008 featuring the visual artist richard serra. the work, that filled the entire space, was called promenade and it was exceptional. five large steel plates, placed at slight angles along the axis of this enormous building. the work was about the act of contemplation: us, just walking and looking, in this beautiful building. and it was a profound experience - these photos cant ever capture it.

serra said about the work: there is no content within the plates - it's a steel plate - the real content of the work is the viewer walking through and the viewer experiencing his or her own experience over time.

richard serra
it is the walking and looking and perceiving - the work is activated by the movement of the audience through it. .......
it was completely inspirational. this is what I came to paris for...

a choreographic work was also created for the opening called unlimited walks.

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Blogger skellis said...

Clare really like these photos, and the look of the work.

Interesting how he said "there is no content within the plates" - i find such comments by artists kind of whacky really, as if the fact of their 'steelness' doesn't contribute 'content' to the work (whether he likes it or not).

why not choose paper? or wood? or, well, you see what i am thinking here!

am loving the daily update, and am currently planning a response. but more of that another time.

will be in Paris for a week from 15th of June - be great to hook up for a chat and a Chaussons-aux-pommes or three.

Best, simon e

22 May 2008 06:55  

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