Wednesday, 14 May 2008

day 46

today I went looking again for nemo. and I found him...
this work was apparently created in the 1980s by an artist who was a maths professor by day, and stenciled in his neighbourhood by night. his nickname 'nemo' was apparently inspired by the detective comic, little nemo that came out in 1905 by Winsor McCay - which I found out here.

the sign next to our man is threatening prosecution if rubbish is dumped...
apparently most stencils are in the 20th arr. where 'nemo' lived. here is an essay about this area.


all of these little ones are part of a wide work which is very beautiful, but to capture it all I'll have to go back another day..


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Blogger keiran said...

My iPhone has a crush on your nemo, gorgeous!!

15 May 2008 00:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
The gorgeous stencils remind me of the work of Philippe Genty - iconically Francais!


15 May 2008 11:51  
Blogger Arun Muñoz said...

Just delicate.
so inspiring....

15 May 2008 13:19  

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