Monday, 7 July 2008

day 100

paris signs what does this city mean to us? the visitors, the flâneurs...

10 artists who have been here for a while, came to share their experiences of what it's been like to live and work as an artist in paris. what has it been like for these foreigners, living here and making art? sometimes for months, sometimes for an entire year?
after the initial shock of beauty has gone, what has paris left these strangers?

click meclick here to see the photographs we took today reflecting on our time in paris...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you make me smile, i love the photos and the film. i enjoy my daily trip to paris while i sit here in albion park rail.
love to you

9 July 2008 02:42  
Blogger Jane K said...

thanks for re-posting so i could watch it. it worked today and I was intrigued enough to sit through slow connection speed. clare I loved seeing you. you look so sweet and you all have lovely trousers I note with envy.
what i'm wondering is why you are going to do a work on scars when it seems to me that your daily posts reflect a range of different themes you could work with. this is not a criticism, i'm simply wondering. it strikes me that so many of the word cards about paris, about expectation and reality, about romanticism, postcards, inspiration versus dog poo and bad, expensive coffee have much to say. so much rich imagery and shared, common feelings.
anyway - that's my post for what it is worth. but i currently have limited feeling in my nose, toes and fingers because of the cold - it is going to snow here today.
i send my love to those wet, parisien footpaths and the artists that walk them in search of creative meaning and inspiration.
p.s. no i don't think paris changes the way you work - particularly if you are still resource poor as most artists are - but I do think it can slant your creative outpourings in a temporary capacity.

9 July 2008 03:15  
Blogger eyefordetail said...

Darling, you are too, too divine. You look splendid in green.

Love your work!


10 July 2008 14:31  

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