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"I fell in love with the space. Kept wanting to close my eyes to focus on the flood of voices, but also didn't want to miss anything... loved the plastic, the performer, the anticipation. It was amazing!"










This work was originally presented as a dance work in a large open performance space with a constructed floor to rig set made of industrial opaque plastic that the audience walked inside to witness the performance.

It consisted of:

Venue: A large open performance space 23m x 20m x 8.5m or approximate. Work can be reconfigured to other venue sizes.
: 4 large Mac speakers hung in the 4 corners of the venue + 6 MM4 speakers (part of touring party) on speaker stands (head height) throughout the space.
Lighting: standard lighting rig include 40 profiles and 20 fresnels + haze machine.
Set: Floor to rig opaque greenhouse film box set inside the venue (please see enclosed image below) + black venue walls outside set + audience stools.

This work can be re-configured for a variety of spaces but works best with a large open space that has a lighting rig and sound system. It can also be made for a variety of smaller spaces where the audience move through the spaces consecutively.

The work requires a foyer space where the audience can sit at a long table with other audience members and be offered drinks and olives to engage with other audience members.

The work is promenade theatre but has enough stools inside the performance space for each audience member. These stools can be moved during the performance.

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Choreographer / Director / Interviews
Clare Dyson

Gerard Van Dyck

Lighting design
Mark Dyson

Bruce McKinven

Kath Kelly

Interactive technology
Matt Strachan

Erin O'Connor

Sound consultant
Mike Willmet

Original performer & writer
Brian Lucas

Photography & film
Mike Wilmett, Kate O'Sullivan
& Clare Dyson


This work was made around a series of interviews from the general public
discussing aloneness and loneliness. The artistic team wish to acknowledge
these contributions and thank the individuals for their generosity.