installation | journey | performance


spices was a large scale site specific performance work set in the old canberra brickworks - a disused but well loved venue: a place that created the foundation bricks of canberra

the performance was about journeys and desire

the audience could choose where their journey would take them - to create their own version of the work

the work was two hours
it required the audience to journey to thirteen different performance areas throughout the brickworks

it was performed in summer, as night was falling

the work utilised
natural light, fire, theatrical lighting installations
water, sand, smell and sound
to evoke images and sensations of deire, memory, love and wonder

each night the audience constructed the work afresh
the audiences' journey was the work


created by clare dyson and rachael jennings as joint choreographic centre fellows in 1998




performance team

performers (including)
megan millband (left)
lizzie thompson (above)
arun munozz
emma strapps
barb fulldom
carrie fowlie

conception & choreography
clare dyson + rachael jennings
lighting design
mark dyson

clare dyson
mark gordon

premiered in december 1998
the work was presented at the Old Canberra Brickworks in 13 different sites

created during an Australian Choreographic Centre joint fellowship and supported by Arts ACT