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Clare Dyson's work has always struck a bright note on Brisbane' independent dance scene, but she has been elusive and difficult to pin down because her restless undertakings have taken widely different forms. If anything, Dyson's highly idiosyncratic approach might be likened to a cubist painter analysing the surface appearing of things.

Nevertheless, there is a definite ‘Dyson-effect’, a sympathetic vibration that travels with us back into daily life but isn’t attributable to any consistent aesthetic element. Instead, there’s always been what I’ll call a ‘community’ of effects distilled into Dyson’s distinctive emotional tone.

Douglas Leonard - Real Time


performance works 2001 - current
for works prior to 2001 please contact artist


with me.

intimacy | quietness | contemplation

interactive sound installation
about alone-ness and loneliness

chairs and tables that react to the body of the audience
audience walk throughout and sit to hear sound

various installation spaces


intimacy | distance | alone | together

immersive dance installation wtih 30 audience members and solo dancer
alone but with the audeince
50 minute immersive experience with audience onstage with performer

the block performance space, Brisbane

being there

being there

intimacy | distance | betrayal | desire

dance work looking at how we view dance and performers and the changes that occur when we are up close and personal
audience seated onstage

judith wright centre of contemporary arts, Brisbane


the voyeur

secrets | desire | intimacy

a dance work looking at deisre and voyeurism, proximity and the illicit
box installation and sound work + audience on stage

gardens point theatre Brisbane, cite des arts Paris, diverseworks United States

churchill's black dog

disturbing + visually mesmerising

a room full of leaves, 4 lives + a broken bathroom
dance theatre looking at all our black dogs

judith wright centre of contemporary arts, ANU arts centre, brisbane festival 2006



swinging | memories | experiences

dance work looking at experiences of performance
swing installation, performance + audience onstage

link dance company WAAPA

intimate drowning

grief | loss | tears | fear | sadness | isolation

water, milk, salt, ice, dirt
installation + performance work

ANU arts centre canberra + brisbane powerhouse




disappearances | abduction | loss

sites throughout a disused building: lightglobes, clothes, shoes, fear
installation + performance work

judith wright centre of contemporary arts


fear | release | exaltation | catharsis

solo performance for any number of trained + untrained performers

performance sites throughout queensland


constructed realities

landscape | place | home | nation | myth

13 sites throughout the theatre complex
installation + performance work

canberra theatre centre + brisbane powerhouse



performer | secrets | one-on-one | audience

one-on-one performances that unsettle and move the audience into unexpected places

Existence Live Art Festival, Seven With Another, Brisbane Festival Up Late

brisbane powerhouse + sean young studios + substation, brisbane


art | science festival

installation in collaboration with dr steve hill based on performance work constructed realities

lightboxes, grass, video installation + kangaroo poo research

contemporary art space gallery, manuka, ACT

clockwise from top left photographs by kate os, michael willmett, fiona cullen, jon green, fiona cullen, steve hill, catalogue image, peter jerimajenko, clare dyson, dan cole