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"There were quiet and lonely moments: a woman eating from a paper bag, a man reading aloud as he penned a mediocre letter about writing a mediocre letter. He placed a chair before a doorway, suggestive of an impending hanging, but instead played a verbal solitaire: the game of knock, knock played alone."
Michele Boylan - The Program


I am fascinated with performance that is time, site and performer specific
I have a desire to make work that is meaningful
that has importance within the place it is situated
dance, performance, art - this isn't cancer research
so we need to make it important
to re create our societies
to believe that things are important, vital, meaningful
capitalism has asked us to segregate, to isolate, to dislocate
I have a desire to create performances that needs to be experienced - to be lived
I desire to install: beauty, sensation, violence, whisperings

I desire art that is life
and not fashion

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Mapping the experiential in contemporary dance

2015 refereed paper
World Dance Alliance Global Summit, World Dance Alliance, Angers, France,

Performing the unutterable

PhD thesis

Variations in proximity as a tool for audience engagement

Refereed article
1 June 2010, Brolga 32


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The authentic dancer as a tool for audience engagement

2009 refereed paper
World Dance Alliance Conference
Audience and experiential performance

published in the research edition of Dance Forum, Ausdance
autumn 2007
Holding My Breath
observations of contemporary performance making in Australia

Published in Muse Magazine – Bi-Monthly Arts Magazine
16th July 2001


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vanessa mafe
fiona cullen

avril huddy

ritual as a tool for audience engagement

unpublished section of phd research 2007-08