memories | circus | fire | installation + performance


this work was created in two acts and 12 different sites.

it was set in an old wool store in brisbane. we used the entire 100 metre space and the audience traversed the space in a promenade - wandering through images and dance works. outside we created a long pool of water that also housed performance work of woman wringing out hankies and hanging them on clothes lines. a pool of tears that they just accepted.

the work was looking at the traces of our lives and what it means to know where we are currently. what if our memories disappeared? this work was a show about the memories that make us who we are.

it was our first experiment in installation and performance work.

it was also completely funded by clare - she worked in the computer science department of the ANU to save up to make art. quaint but true.

the audience was immersed in images, sounds, smells and vision of childhood, memories and rememberences.

this work involved circus performers, musicians, visual artists, dancers and choreographers.

it was magical and beautiful and rare and involved experiement, risk and freedom.


performance team

performers (including)
avril huddy
andrea officer
guy webster
alison st ledger
midge allom
julie chenery
shane kielly
suzanne cavallo

conception & choreography
clare dyson + rachael jennings
lighting design
matt hill

clare dyson

premiered in december 1994
the work was presented at an old woolstore, 15 macquarie place, (now an apartment block) tenerrife, brisbane

self funded