Dyson has a dangerous flair for not allowing the audience to resile. Hers is an existential art.

metis art + science festival
art + science + kangaroo poo


metis was an art + science festival held annually in canberra in collaboration between the new media arts fund and the national science centre. this festival no longer exists.

in 2004, clare and steve were asked to present the research developed during their performance work constructed realities and to re-vision it and install it in a gallery during the festival.

during their collaboration, steve was also researching the feeding habits of kangaroos to determine if their poo would indicate what kind of geology lay beneath the surface: did the plants on the surfact reflect what they were planted in? and if they did, what annimals ate them in a wide enough feeding radius to make analysis of their poo useful? steve found that his theories were right (of course) and that research, along with the kangaroo poo and the other installation material was presented at this festival.

there was also a performance component to this installation that happened twice throughout the duration of the festival.




performance team

performers & creators
clare dyson

clare dyson
lighting design
mark dyson
dr steve hill

clare dyson

premiered in december 2004
the work was presented at the canberra contemporary arts space in manuka

see the constructed realities performance site

supported by Arts ACT, Metis Art+Science Festival and Canberra Contemporary Arts Space