Sunday, 27 April 2008

day 29

red squares

red squares in the marais...

here is the thing. I'm a bit hungover today - last night we went to a super funky party on the 4th floor of an enormous apartment in montmartre overlooking the whole of paris. we cut up the dance floor like it was 1979 and arrived home at 7.30am. so, since I'm ten years older than last time I did that, I'm spending the day in bed. these squares were found, felafel in hand, during my ten minute grease stop in the middle of the day. I thought capturing the funk wasn't very arty: but should I take the camera next time?

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Blogger skellis said...

Can't believe this is how you spend Australian tax payer's money.
Giving artists a bad name.

27 April 2008 22:55  
Blogger clare in paris said...

well I debated about staying at home on a saturday night to read the phenomenology of dance, but somehow the party seemed more creative... but seriously, I discussed more about process last night than I have in the last year. revelatory discussions can come at the oddest of moments, even in the line waiting for the loo at a stranger's party...

28 April 2008 01:01  

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