Saturday, 3 May 2008

day 35

today we went on a day trip to belgium. brugge is a small town called the 'venice of the north' and is so charming even the tourists look inviting. new streets are built to look 400 years old and the basilica has a 'blood soaked cloth with the congealed blood of christ' which you can line up and touch, for a price.

en route to one of the 678 shops selling hand made chocolate
where the makers have shaved their hands so as not to spoil the chocolate...

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Blogger Bobby said...

Clare! You travelling to Brugge for hand-crafted chocolates made by shaven chocolate purists is wholly typical! Please can your next stop be Austria, where you'll learn yodelling, take up virtuoso violin and/or choreograph Gordon in a re-enactment of that serenade from the Sound of Music?
Go know you want to...

4 May 2008 08:38  
Blogger clare in paris said...

you know bobby - you're right: I do want to...

4 May 2008 20:15  
Blogger emily said...

shaved hands is an image that gives me a slight shudder and the compulsion to pull at my Adam's apple (is it Eve's pear for a chick?)
Anyways, the thought of good chocolate really doesn't help me get through the night after bloody shaved hands haunts my sleep...

9 May 2008 13:14  

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