Wednesday, 9 July 2008

day 102

baguette everyone loves a cliché. if only there had been a béret...

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Blogger Jane K said...

stuff the beret and the baguettes (although they look yummy!). Where did he get that schmicko bike. I want one.

10 July 2008 01:04  
Blogger clare in paris said...

well these bikes are actually part of the velib system that you can hire every 300m throughout paris. first half an hour is free so the parisians hire them more often than the tourists and they are a fantastic way to get around the city.

funnily enough mum just sent me an article from the newspaper saying that brisbane's lord mayor is keen to make our fair city 'a dinkum paris' by introducing the same system in brisbane. I'm not sure mayor 'can-do' campbell has ever ridden a bike up a steep hill in sub-tropical weather and while i'm a fan of any system that lets you easily hire a bike, I'm also not sure that introducing such a system will make international fashion week transfer itself to our lovely queensland state...

10 July 2008 09:45  

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