Tuesday, 12 August 2008

day 136

every night at the same time, swallows flock around the roof tops of cité.
this was taken from the my studio doorway...

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Blogger keiran said...

Beautiful photo! I think they spell something, but I see movement in the pattern, is that a worrying sign?

13 August 2008 01:01  
Blogger eyefordetail said...

Remember Fred & Marguerite?

And as they flew across the town
the lady sparrow sang
And as she did her youthful voice
across the rooftops rang

"Below us is the Champs Elysees
where I've often dined
Oh wouldn't it be nice to have
a lover who was kind"

"Over there's the Tour Eiffel
Oh wouldn't it be sweet
to stand together at the top
with Paris at our feet"

"Accordions are playing
in Montmartre, that's my home
that broken rooftop's where I live,
what's more I live alone"

13 August 2008 05:00  

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