Wednesday, 27 August 2008

day 151

Jerome Mesnager
today I went to the studio of nemo and his fellow stencil artist jerome mesnager who creates ghost-like dancing creatures throughout paris. sometimes these ghosts meet nemo and they have been seen together doing circus tricks and sharing a glass of wine on various buildings throughout paris.

montparnassetheir studio is in romanville, right around the corner from where we stay in the suburbs and it now makes perfect sense that these stencils should meet socially.
unfortunately today the artists themselves weren't in, but these images were taken directly accross the street on bvd. henri barbusse and it was just lovely see a differnt context for these transitory creations...

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Blogger eyefordetail said...

So, are they still working? Are there new stencils popping up? Is there a next generation?

28 August 2008 01:37  
Anonymous clare said...

well apparently there is a new nemo near the pompidou centre from last month. I still haven't found it but it's great to know that he is still actively making work...

28 August 2008 12:42  

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