Thursday, 28 August 2008

day 152

stade de france
the stade de france is the site of great national pride: in was built for the 1998 FIFA world cup where france won the final by defeating brazil 3-0. who would have thought?!

this is the stunning view of this national icon from the local metro stop in the suburban area of saint-denis. definitely worth checking out...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clare, I am curious, what the hell have you been doing in this suburb ? not watching the footie I hope ? kiiiiiiiiises, Fred

29 August 2008 08:17  
Blogger clare in paris said...

visiting a friend: we are in denial about leaving and a long metro trip sometimes helps.

interestingly I saw an enormous nemo out there by chance but didn't have my camera. perhaps the next nemo hunter can capture it for me...

29 August 2008 08:42  

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