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The work produces strongly visceral responses from the audience. After each performance the audience was invited to sit together
and write about their experiences. The feedback was all positive and often discussed how the work allowed them 'space' to contemplate their own lives:
"I experienced a number of feelings throughout, quite strongly. It was very special to be in a room listening to people be vulnerable and to share that with other people. I felt very human". "I fell in love with the space. Kept wanting to close my eyes to focus on the flood of voices, but also didn't want to miss anything... loved the plastic, the performer, the anticipation. It was amazing!"

"I engaged on a physical level, the sound, people, space as well as the sharing of the common human emotion of feeling alone/lonely. Definitely much more immersive. A wonderful experience!".


"Moving around the space helped me remain engaged. I liked how it made me feel alone, but also around people and supported"

"One of the things I liked best about this very stirring and strong experience was the sense of having in the middle of life - of age, ageing and youth being represented. The experience gave me a strong sense of maturity, of specific questions, ideas and thoughts that emerged with aging and experience. Thank you so much for the beautiful work"

"Many moments of joy and sadness when relating to both the audio and choreography. Seeing, feeling and hearing your own experiences represented and shared. Loving the shape, light, movement"


"Loved the insights about loneliness and being alone, totally surprised and engaged"

"Immersed from the moment I entered, felt like a welcome observer and or curious participant"


"Impossible not to engage, to feel very much part of the experience in the most delightful way"


"I thought that being 'alone' in a room with others, experiencing a work about loneliness together was great.
Now we're sitting at the table talking about times that we felt lonely. Very effective."












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This project has been funded by the Queenslad Government through Arts Qld

Additional support from QUT Creative LAB, Swinburne University & Arts Qld