Wednesday, 7 May 2008

day 39

love on île Saint-Louis
these hearts are all over l'île saint-louis - this one is on a pedestrian crossing.

as you know, I’m wandering around paris with a dodgy little digital camera taking a shot each day and sending them to you. but after nearly 40 days of receiving images, what does it mean to you?

do you, (like mum & dad) get up each morning and chat over coffee about the image? do you forget to log on and then get ten images in your inbox? or glance only at the image and imagine where it could be?

and, what does it mean to know that there is a small community of people, many of whom know each other, all of whom know me, who are all getting the same image, every day, at the same time?
do you wait for their comments? wondering who will see what, and whether they will leave a trace on the page, changing how you see that image for the day?
and seeing their comments, do you want to know who your fellow image-seekers are? or is it enough to know that most are in australia, many in brisbane, some artists and some not, and that all know me somehow - many through dance.

I started this because it was quite dark in my world, and one of the main reasons I became a choreographer was to connect. but darkness sometimes inhibits the desire to connect, which makes things darker. so, as a way out, I thought I’d find a simple way to map my time here and connect with you.

but after nearly 40 days, not only am l connected to you, my paris daily group of 55 people, but this process has also started to connect with the kind of work I am passionate about. and it’s re-engaging me with the reasons I’m here.

many of you have seen my work. many of you know that for me, an audience's experience is central to the process and
vital to the integrity of the work: all the decisions in the studio reflect that desire to connect and engage.
what I’m trying to say is that you have started to make those ideas happen within this photographic forum – your thoughts, your ideas, your opinions – these are, to me, more important and interesting than the image, or the process of taking it.

whether that is simply by the act of regularly opening up an image sent specifically to you, or articulating your thoughts for your co-creators to see, or sending me a link to a relevant article - your implicit role is now central to this project. so, be encouraged to voice your opinions, leave your thoughts, and engage with each other if that is of interest. and if not, know that you are part of a small engaged community and your thoughts are always welcome via email.
this is now a performance work in which you are active makers: a collaborative work with 55 co-creators. and while other audience members drop in to see what we are doing, the
paris daily group are my trans-continental partners in crime.

if you have any thoughts on how that role suits you – I’d love to hear them. x

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Blogger Bobby C said...

I am living vicariously through you.
Every image reminds me of other experiences I've had, places I've been, visceral moments, the shock of walking through a new city. The moments are strange, familiar, profound, shocking, remote, immersed all at once.
I realise that I don't take enough photos. I never feel they capture it, the encounter, its full meaning; so I just live the moment, then let it slip away.
But your images mean something to me; not just because they're yours but because they are a way in to another world; beautiful, when beauty is at a premium; an experience of the other, when the familiar is all around me.

8 May 2008 02:19  
Blogger Bobby C said...

and despite that sounding in retrospect like a complete load of wank, it's actually true.

8 May 2008 02:21  
Anonymous Daryll said...

Hello Clare and Gordon. This is the first time I have tried this, so excuse me if I muck it up. What can I say? Bobby C must know me, I can't improve on that. First thing in the morning, up at 6.oo and log on to see what Clare has for me today so Geoff and I can talk about it over breakfast. Please keep 'em coming. How I wish I hadn't spent all my money on this house and could jump on a plane to be in Paris with you both. Its 8 years almost to the day since I first saw Paris, and I want to be there again and again and again. My fascination is how people live, your daily shots are exactly the types of images I always notice. The unexpected, the bizzare, the funny little things people do that makes life so interesting. Some think I'm nuts, but they don't understand what it is they are missing.

8 May 2008 02:56  
Blogger eyefordetail said...

This is your story, your wonderful journey, so own it lady! We are but voyeurs, our noses pressed against the smoky glass of your first class cabin to Artsville. You’re the one with the clear view of the horizon.

This blog does what every one of your captivated audience wishes they had the talent or time to do: indulge in capturing life’s quirks and lost moments; those that blink by without so much as an afterthought. In the context of Paris and the real time of the blog, it’s almost as if we are discovering it with you. Out on the field trip, albeit with soft focus eyes. All of these moments seem to represent the small cogs and mechanisms that drive the tourist Paris that we know. It’s like you’ve given us the magic formula; images that are not familiar enough to be recognisable, but at the same time not over familiar, blinding us to the nuances of everyday life.

My addiction to this blog is growing. I have started to trawl now, comparing old and new. Following your eye. Rediscovering little gems. It’s all coming together. Stuck at home with three boys, it is pure escapism for me. A way of connecting on an artistic level. Just knowing that someone out there has a shared aesthetic is comforting when you are in art theory void!

55 you say? Phaw! It’s more like 155 and growing rapidly. Vive le Daily Paris!!!

8 May 2008 06:30  
Anonymous bruce said...

Dear Clare

I am, and you will know this about me, a quiet observer… I speak but when I am sure and when I think it’s the right time and when I think I have something worthwhile to say… I listen…

The photos that you send me that I look at every night or every morning, show me a city I don’t know, which I’ve tasted for a mere day… they tell me the story of Paris… they tell me your story of Paris… they tell me your story… and I want to get to know this city, your Paris, more and more each day… and for myself in person… one day… but not in the sense of needing to be there with you right now… because that would change the story… what I am itching to do is print all the photos and all the anecdotes and put them on my wall… to see the journey… to be able to see and understand more clearly, your journey… and no less importantly, to see and understand a culture I am unfamiliar with… and I’m unable to do this right now because I’ve been away from home for the last 2 months and won’t get back for another month… but only when I’ve done this will I feel I can really be a witness to or part of your journey… and I’m happy to do this from a ‘distance’ of time and space… I am an observer of images and an interpreter of pictures… I listen to images and photos… for a living as well… I look forward to listening to the full story they want to tell me, be it your story or my story… and to discover how they inform my journey…

I’ve also been thinking that I would love to go to a bookstore when I’m researching a play set in paris and find this book… or indeed to discover the following week when I’m researching those other plays that are set in London Berlin and Prague, that there are also books in the same series that cover these cities as well… food for thought?

Xo bruce

9 May 2008 22:49  

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