Sunday, 31 August 2008

day 155

L'Institut du Monde Arabe
mum arrived yesterday and so we went to L'Institut du Monde Arabe and went up on the roof to take tea and look at the people below.

it's our last day in cité today and it's a bit sad. three more days in paris...



Blogger skellis said...

travel safely ms dyson. say hi to your mum. i am having a bit of a "Gertrud" dance on Tuesday (general rehearsal) ...
see you back in Oz.

31 August 2008 20:34  
Blogger eyefordetail said...

That doesn't look like your mum!!! Kisses to you and Julie. Have fun. Xx

PS Don't be sad, first day of Spring here, lots to look forward to. Boysies preparing Paris quiz as we speak...

1 September 2008 01:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dearest clarebear ...sending hellos to you and Julie. soon you'll be taking tea on our verandah. hooray! and... I have a new haircut for spring. xstarla

1 September 2008 02:01  

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