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"beautiful, lingering images and riveting moments of movement and stillness that pierce the soul. It’s another compelling, affecting work by Dyson, and will stay with me for some time".
Real Time - Julia Postle

film works & performances on film


below are three dance theatre works with short film extracts

below those works are two short film works


being there

being there
intimacy | desire | betrayal | distance
how do you view someone when you see their rawness up close and personal?
dance theatre and text set intimately onstage where there is no where to look except inside

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trish sm

swinging | memories | experiences
dance work looking at experiences of performance
swing installation, performance + audience onstage

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knickers sm

churchill's black dog
disturbing + visually mesmerising
a room full of leaves, 4 lives + a broken bathroom
dance theatre looking at all our black dogs in their many guises

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mourning hours
short dance film

grief, loss and a bed full of tears
6:35minutes 16mm + 35mm

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desert film
foyer installation for performance constructed realities

landscape and identity within an australian context
5 minutes + digital film

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