Friday, 9 May 2008

day 41

metro girls
on the way to chinatown today I sat near this gorgeous girl Oumaima and her beautiful mother Saumia.

metro girls small

they are from algeria and have been here for three years.
they love paris, but miss home...
arriving in china town I was suddenly home: the noise, the chaos, the smells - it was so familiar.
I love paris, but when you travel there are always some things you miss: when I'm here, it's asian food...

being here has brought back to my consciousness ideas of colonisation: whether by force or by food?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure you miss the smell of australian dust, the smell of the heat of the australian soil, the eucalyptus trees and the greasy bacon, the fresh air of the sun of the southern hemisphere... I sometimes do too.
After one year in australia, when I came back to Paris, I realise I did not hear the sound of motorbikes and scooter-bikes, and the sound of the bells ringing every hour in every little belfroy... I did miss them too.
Wherever we are we are on this planet, we feel uncomplete...
The more we know the world, the more we realize how big and unreachable it is.
But fortunately the softness of a little girl on the knees of her mother is all... whether it is in Paris, Brisbane, or somewhere else.


9 May 2008 16:50  

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