Thursday, 24 July 2008

day 117 - london

simon ellissimon ellis (a new zealand choreographer working in london) has been commissioned for the place prize. he is creating a gorgeous solo about a conversation with an icon of australian dance, which has become a duet with a predecessor, an influence and a ghost. after watching rehearsal I saw him off at the tube station (click to see more)...

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Blogger skellis said...

not quite the pathos of the scars of Berlin but what a privilege to have made the honour board that is your european junket (and 7 times in one fell swoop at that). ps: I know it's not that important to you aussies (think Phar Lap, Neil Finn, pavlova) but I'm a kiwi. simon

25 July 2008 06:34  
Blogger clare in paris said...

I thought neil was a kiwi too... ?

although I just changed your nationality in my post, I have to say it's part of the australian-way to claim those of you who are doing super-well - so in my heart you will always be australian...

25 July 2008 14:06  

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