Thursday, 31 July 2008

day 124

romainville boys
the delightful men of romainville.
betrand and julian taking an early evening break outside from the oppressive heat of the day...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

and the camera loves them.


1 August 2008 01:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, their names are BIQUETTE and LITTLE JIMMY, these are actually nicknames of course. BIQUETTE is a real italian gipsy and LITTLE JIMMY is from gipsy background. BIQUETTE's wife is POUPOUTTE. Nobody knows their real names.

1 August 2008 18:26  
Blogger clare in paris said...

sneaky!! as you can imagine, I asked (in exceptionally poor french) what their names where, and they were very explicit. I actually asked twice and they didn't falter in their responses. very smooth.

I LOVE a mystery.

2 August 2008 00:06  
Blogger clare in paris said...

ok now it transpires that Biquette et Little Jimmy just decided to make up new names the other day! even Biquette's wife, who was there laughing at the process, played along with it. those gypsies love making fun of the tourists!

4 August 2008 18:30  

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