Monday, 31 March 2008

day 2

jet-lagstill in the suburbs. jetlag is always hard when it's rainy and cold...

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Sunday, 30 March 2008

day 1

in the suburbsjust arrived off the plane. we are staying in the suburbs of paris.


about this project

this project started as a way to communicate with home. I'd been awarded the australia council cité des arts choreographic residency in paris for three months, and I wanted to find a way of keeping in contact that would also map my time here.

and so I decided to take a photograph each day I was in paris and send a link to it to a group of people who wanted to receive it. the rules were simple: I had to take the photograph, my equipment would remain simple - a small digital camera, and it would be posted the day I took it so there was an element of real time for the receivers.

these photographs, though simplistic, are a document that map, trace and record movement in this city: experiences, discoveries, settlings, revelations and very often failings.

I also wanted to make sure there I left space to talk about ideas that come from all of that. later when people started responding, I transferred them to a medium where people could leave comments. and so the project became something different. a document yes, but also a discussion.

I am a dance person and my work usually involves people: dancers, collaborating artists, theorists and audience. my main interest is how we communicate: my chosen medium is performance. that's not to say that I always work in traditional spaces - my work ranges from dance in proscenium arch theatres to site specific performances in dis-used brickworks to installation pieces in old buildings. whatever medium tells the story best. and this time it seems to be a visual, virtual space coupled with the daily ritual of opening up a photograph.

while there is a group who receive the image each day, anyone is welcome to drop in at any time and see what's happening. but this small group (which is growing) is part of a performance-like project, each opening the same image, received at the same time, all connected to me somehow. they are my partners in crime: by their comments, their thoughts, their emails sent directly to me, the links they think I might like.

so, join us if you like. there are a few days left in this revealing city.

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